Our vision at Tabernacle Baptist Church (TBC) is for God to mold you into a purpose-filled vessel, pointing all grace and glory back to Him. It’s our prayer that. His Spirit will fully REVIVE you on this heaven-bound journey, through every trial and victory. And as He empowers you to persevere through life’s struggles, may you confidently communicate God’s vibrant hope to others — shining His eternal light on the lost.

My wife and I speak blessings over your family. Our prayer is that your home brightly reflects God’s joy, peace, and goodness. As His children, we are promised an abundant life: in our relationships, ministries, missions, and throughout our pilgrimage. It is our desire that the work we do in the community, forever REVOLVE around the sincere love we have for you all.

We are humbled by your continued prayers and support. We are honored to serve you with messages of revelation. As we endeavor to RECREATE a safe space to grow in God. In this house, you are seen as a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Allow God’s revive to revolve and recreate you, His mercy to move you, and His love to lead you!

Rev. Ryan M. & First Lady Kye Buckland