Reverend Dr. Leo Graham

Reverend Dr. Leo Graham
Reverend Dr. Leo H. Graham

Reverend Dr. Leo H. Graham, was born in Hartsville, South Carolina. He has married to the former Mary A. Jackson for over 50 years. Dr. Graham and Mary Graham are the proud parents of four children, five grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Dr. Graham has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and education. He began his biblical studies at Philadelphia Biblical University.  He continued his studies at The Mannie Bible Institute and Eastern Baptist Seminary where he received his Bachelor degree.   Masters degrees in Theology from Jamerson Bible College in Philadelphia, PA. He earned his Doctor of Divinity degree from Brownwell University in Tuston, CA. Dr. Graham completed advanced academic studies at Hampton University in Hampton, VA, Kings University in Roselle, New Jersey and New Brunswick Seminary in New Brunswick, New Jersey.
With a wealth of knowledge and leadership abilities, Dr. Graham is the Director of Christian Education of the District Union of North Jersey, Secretary of the General Baptist State Convention of New Jersey, Member of the Executive Board of the Hampton University Ministers Conference, Vice Moderator of the Middlesex Central Baptist Association and Board Member at Large for the National Baptist Convention USA Incorporation.

Dr. Graham has been past Treasurer of the General Baptist State Convention of New Jersey, past President of the Baptist Ministers Conference of Newark, New Jersey and Vicinity and the past Vice

Dr. Graham is licensed by the State of New Jersey as Notary Public Commissions and serves as Pastor of the Tabernacle Baptist Church of New Brunswick, New Jersey for the past 36 years.